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The past decade has shown that globalization and outsourcing of software development and testing activities can yield significant cost savings for most OEMs and product development companies. Going forward, these companies want more than mere cost savings; they expect access to great talent, domain expertise, flexibility and agility from their outsource service providers. The challenge for the outsource service provider is to build the capabilities to be a worthy partner in this business transformation.

Bitsoft Systems. Inc has delivered consistently high quality services to our clients since our incorporation in 1998. We do so by the seamless integration of our delivery locations in the US and India to our clients’ processes so that they view us as an extension of their own organizations. This allows us to respond quickly to our clients’ changing business needs. We literally try to live the life of our clients so much so that we co-locate with them wherever it makes sense.

Staffed by people with decades of experience in working with global teams, Bitsoft Systems, Inc helps to identify, define, execute and manage software development activities to enable our clients to meet their business goals.

Embedded Systems: Design, development, verification of embedded and real time systems .
Embedded Systems Electronics manufacturing: Collectively have over 100 man-years of experience
Electronic manufacture

Gaming for learning: A new initiative to shift the perception of computer games
Gaming Tools & Utilities: Custom software development on a broad range of technologies more... Tools & Utilities

Software Testing: Testing strategy is project oriented catering to specific needs
Software Testing Mechanical Engineering: Our staff includes a member with a PhD degree in Mechanical more... Mech Engg
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