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Employment Overview

At Bitsoft, we have a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of business conduct. Our environment is characterized by respect for each individual as we blend cultural and ethnic diversity into a harmonious workforce. Our policies represent more than good business; they constitute a critical element in the fabric of our business. 

Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal employment opportunity ensures that all employment actions, such as recruitment, selection, training, compensation, corrective counseling, and promotions shall be based upon a balance of individual initiative, interest, ability and performance results.

Supportive Work Environment

Bitsoft maintains a safe, productive and efficient work environment. Our generous leave and employee assistance programs help us meet the personal needs of our employees.

How To Submit a Resume

Email or post your resumes to the following address.

Bitsoft Systems,Inc
PO Box: 270324,
Fort Collins,
CO 80527-0324, USA
TEL: +1 303-775-1928
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