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Bitsoft offers a wide range of services in the embedded systems domain. We have expertise in design, development, verification and validation of embedded and real time systems used in a variety of electronics applications .

Our offerings:

Microprocessor/Microcontroller development

Bitsoft provides customized embedded application development services for a broad spectrum of processors and controllers from Intel and Motorola. We have a good understanding of differnt backplanes, RTOSes, I/O processing(analog and discrete) methodologies, communication buses, cross compilers and IDEs(C & ADA), debuggers, ICTs and Test instruments. Hence we can help developing embedded applications for systems based on them.

Driver development

We have experience writing device drivers for both host operating system such as linux and RTOS such as VxWorks. We have written drivers for PCI bridge, Ethernet, EEPROMs, Flash, Timers, Interrupt Controllers, keyboard, serial ports, UARTs and other peripheral devices.

Testing Services

Bitsoft offers test automation services using an off the shelf product or by writing a new customized test suite. We also provide verification and validation services - functional and regression testing. For more details click here

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