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Our staff includes a member with a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering, with areas of expertise of Robotics and BioMechanics. The following are examples of advanced software developed for various customers, some of these solutions have been patented:

Product Description Programming Languages/Tools Customer Patents, Publications
Plate Deflection Analysis

Algorithm based on the Ritz Variational method, to optimize the location and amount of supports inside a test fixture to eliminate the deflection of the fixture PCB. A stand alone Windows application with 3-D graphics to simulate and visualize the plate deflection profiles C++ on UNIX, Visual C++, MFC, OpenGL Agilent Technologies, Inc Patent
Test Limits in Limited Access Algorithm to calculate test limits for PCBs with limited nodal access. C++, Java, JNI on UNIX Agilent Technologies, Inc Patents + Conference Papers
Biomechanical Analysis of the Human Musculo-Skeletal Structure

Windows based software with models of all the bones and muscles of the human body, and a mathematical optimization routine to calculate muscle forces and joint reactions for various activities. Visual C++, OpenGL University of Wisconsin-Madison Book
Robot Motion Planning

A series of algorithms to generate collision-free motions for point- and non-point robots moving in a 2-D and 3-D spaces with static or dynamic obstacles. C, Windows API University of Wisconsin-Madison Book
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