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Mickey Lee, Sharon Latourette, and other managers, Agilent Technologies, inc.

  • "They exceeded our expectations at each step in the process"
  • "Their whole approach was extremely professional and conducive of a long-term relationship."
  • "They impressed Agilent staff in multiple divisions and locations."
  • "They have a great combination of responsiveness, technical capability, and price"
  • "…..Bitsoft provided extremely fast response to our changing requirements. During the critical timeframe when the details had to be correct in order for the translator to work correctly, they took advantage of the time zone difference as follows: They provided a written requirements document for us in the morning for a translator, asking that we review it and provide feedback before we left for the day. With agreed-to final requirements, they were often able to provide working code by the next morning, or at most a few days later. Finally, they set up a weekly teleconference, for US time zone convenience, to ensure that they were doing everything possible to meet our needs"  


Errol Lafayette, CEO, Derby Associates International, inc.

  • "The decision to outsource software development was initially difficult, as it was uncharted territory for DAI. However, we found in Bitsoft a company with excellent skills and a solid work ethic, which made this outsourcing endeavor a success. Not only have we significantly improved our ability to launch new products and technology, but we have also dramatically reduced our software development costs…"
  • "We also made the decision at the outset to work with a company that had a similar core ideology and work ethic to DAI and make them a seamless part of our ‘virtual’ organization. In fact, we refer to Bitsoft internally as ‘DAI India’. The results from this initial project was impressive, as Bitsoft quickly demonstrated that not only did they have excellent software development and project management skills (a testament to India’s software industry), but that they also were able to quickly come up to speed on our domain. Bitsoft’s overall responsiveness and "24x7" work ethic are key factors to the high levels of information interchange and collaboration we achieved between our organizations,"

Excellent is what came to my mind with your response and the work you’ve done. Thank you!

I really appreciate the initiative you’ve taken to keep us in mind while working on other projects and fixing this with all the testing done. This is excellent service. It is very comforting to know that I can count on you to watch my back

- Canada-based Program Manager for a leading provider of manufacturing automation solutions

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