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Why Bitsoft?

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The major reasons for outsourcing are by now well established

  • Clearer Strategic Focus; focus more on core competencies and strategic issues, instead of routine, time-consuming activities.
  • Leverage your own human assets; achieve more with fewer internal resources
  • Cost reduction

What you should be looking for in your outsourcing partner
  • Ability to directly contribute to your business goals
  • Vertical expertise/relevant domain skills
  • Access to great talent worldwide
  • Flexibility; access to resources when you need them
  • Process maturity

Bitsoft’s value promise
  • We will act like a “force multiplier” by staffing our team with people skilled in your domain, completely aligning our team’s goals with yours and through the integration of our processes with yours
  • We will use an optimum mix of on-site and offshore resources for ease of outsourcing, to reduce the time-to-market of solutions and to effect significant cost savings

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